Grégory Bonaert

Software Developer. Web enthusiast. What can I do for you?

What can I do for you?

  • Create a website to promote your business or for yourself
  • Create or improve your Wordpress site
  • Get development help for your software project
  • Integrate with an external service or API (Stripe, HubSpot, Google Analytics, ...)
  • Add a feature to your current project

I can work for you to accomplish that

Previous clients

Here are some of my previous projects for clients. Click to learn more about the project, the client's goals and the solution that was created to meet those goals.

You can check my other projects on Github

About me

I'm Grégory Bonaert, a computer science student at Université Libre de Bruxelles, in Belgium.

I mainly do freelance work in Web development (front-end and back-end), but can also help you for all kinds of software development.


If you want to chat about a project, have a question or want a price estimate, feel free to contact me now.

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